Emily Rae Robles

the paradoxymoron


I walk alone at night, with no one near
to calm my ever-rising agony,
to clasp my hand and whisper in my ear,
to softly take my dreams and set them free.
They say they understand, but no one knows
the panic that I feel when each breath comes,
the tightness in my chest that always grows
until I sink to earth, blind, deaf, and dumb.
I cry and cry, but tears remain unleashed.
I scream away the pain within my soul
afraid that it will stay and never cease,
unsatisfied until it takes its toll.
The monster in me scratches at my heart
and threatens, always, to tear me apart.


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Depths of Dreams (a sonnet)

the words that spin across the universe

hurl through the dawn that minds alone can see

as worlds of thoughts condemn the lying curse

that aims to break the beauty that can be.

your eyes show depths that oceans cannot reach

behind which lie the dreams that none can find.

your smile shines beyond what suns can touch

and shows the worlds created in your mind.

our dreams push back the boundaries of life

until subconscious overtakes the real.

as we create, we fight away the strife

that sep’rates who we are from what we feel.

In days like these, where springtime never ends,

imagined worlds become our only friends.

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