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Friday Favorite: tayrenaemcmillan

Hello everyone! My Friday Favorite for this week is someone particularly awesome because she totally reminds me of myself.  Literally.  If you read our profile descriptions, they are almost word-for-word the same.  Creepy, no?  Taylor Renae blogs about life, faith, and writing.  I have yet to read any of her fiction, but I know it’s there, so keep an eye on her and check out her blog and Twitter for her awesome writing!


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Friday Favorite: WitWordThought

As I round out my first week’s blogging schedule, I’d like to introduce my first Friday Favorite blogger: Kaede from witwordthought.wordpress.com.  She writes movie and book reviews, fiction, and–my personal favorite–poetry.  Her poetry can be found here; I’d encourage everyone to check it out!  In case you want a sample, here is one of her poems entitled “The Wind:”

On top the wind, a soul appears
Its journey lengthy; the wind it blows
It sees the movement down below,
Chatter: the sound of life.
In a melancholy state, the soul moves past
Too painful, the memory of what was.
The wind blows,
The traveler keeps its course.
But whispers remain of that time,
Of that grass, of the crowd,
Of that pen in hand,
Of that day
The wind, this way it blows,
And as much as we would like it to subside, it doesn’t.
Those lustrous gusts from the west
Has our mind confused with dreams.
And so the day goes, we go.
And so the wind blows, we go.

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