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I Guest Posted! Multiple times!

(This update is about things that happened in the not-so-recent past. I’ve been bad about keeping up with stuff.)

The lovely author and blogger Pavarti K. Tyler invited me to write a guest post for her wonderful blog, so I did! It’s about reading as a writer, and it’s up as of…four days ago.  Don’t judge my timing.

You can read it here, but only if you promise to also read the rest of Pav’s blog. Share the love!

In news that is even older (and thus probably can’t be called “news”) I also guest posted at Novel Publicity a couple weeks ago. You can read it here.  This one’s about balancing real life with the writing life.  Hope you enjoy!

PS: You are not allowed to laugh at the fact that I wrote an article about balancing writing and reality, and yet I haven’t posted in two weeks.  We’ll pretend it’s because I’ve been doing more real-life things. Deal?


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