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Book Review: Hattie Big Sky

The other day, I spent some time browsing around my favorite bookstore: Powell’s Books.  What I tend to do in bookstores is pick up the first book that looks good, start it, and finish it.  On this particular day, the book happened to be Hattie Big Sky, by Kirby Larson, a Newbery Honor novel about a teenage homesteader girl in Montana.  This was a perfect choice for a quick read because it is well-paced, enthralling, funny, and touching all at once.  I left the bookstore happily processing the emotions required in reading a full book.

Hattie, the main character, is a sixteen-year-old girl living during the first World War with relatives who are reluctant to keep her, when she unexpectedly inherits a homestead in Montana.  The remainder of the book depicts Hattie’s struggles to survive the harsh Montana winter, the challenges of maintaining a homestead, and some anti-German neighbors who make life difficult for Hattie’s closest friends (the father of whom happens to be German.)  There is also a cow involved, which all the blurbs on the book itself seemed to find especially fascinating, but I was not completely won over by its bovine wiles.

I thought the book did a great job of intertwining plot lines and character developments.  The only aspect I didn’t find convincing was the underdeveloped romance, which seemed thrown in and unnecessary.  Other than that, the book seemed well thought-out and captivating, a combination that held my interest throughout.  This is definitely a worthwhile read, especially to those children’s book aficionados.


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