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Blogging for Introverts: How to turn blogging into therapy

Dear World,

I am an introvert.  A positively anti-social, privacy-obsessed, telephobic introvert.  And yet here I am, posting my soul on the internet.  Why the paradox?  Answer: I’m human.  However, I’m going to give you some tips on how to survive the blogosphere when social anxiety overwhelms any other sphere.  For those of you who love lists, I’m going to create one to clear up the contradictions and hopefully inspire anyone out there who is suspicious of blogging.  True to my lack of form, this list will be all over the place, but you can deal with it.

Five tips on turning blogging into therapy

1.  Blog consistently

Consistency is your friend.  If you write even on those days you don’t want to write, you’ll force yourself to deal with emotions and fears that you’d normally ignore.  This doesn’t necessarily mean that you are writing ABOUT not wanting to write; it just gets you past that writer’s block and forces you to be active.

2.  Blog creatively

Consistency is your friend, but repetitiveness is not.  Don’t limit yourself to one medium (e.g. lists, ramblings, stories, poems) on one topic.  Push your boundaries a bit.  Write about a topic you’re comfortable with in a form that you may not experiment in often.  Do you blog about parenting?  Or self-help topics?  Or writing?  Or about writing to self-help your parenting?  Find your niche and then stretch its boundaries.  Writing more creatively will push you out of your box and force you to deal with fears in a constructive way.

3.  Blog purposefully

Journaling is great, don’t get me wrong, but make sure that your blog is more than just musings on your day.  Or, if it is, give purpose to those musings!  Tell readers why your daily revelations are important! This helps both your readers and yourself.  Readers will stay more interested in your writing if they believe they will gain something from reading it.  As for you, the writer, having a purpose in your writing will give you confidence in the rest of your life.

4.  Blog actively

Stay active in the blogging community.  Involve yourself in other bloggers’ contests, questions, comment threads, whatever it takes.  This gives you a support system that will encourage you to blog more consistently, creatively, purposefully, and everything else.  Plus, reading the writing and ideas of others is therapeutic in itself.

5.  Blog encouragingly

Don’t just write for yourself; write so that others will somehow gain something from it.  Whether you literally are writing advice or simply an encouraging or moving story, keep your audience in mind.  Writing for someone else will give you more consistency and purpose and will help make the endeavor seem that much more worthwhile and fulfilling.

I may be an introvert, but blogging can help me get out of my comfort zone in a productive way.  Hopefully all you bloggers out there will stretch yourselves and learn to turn something potentially terrifying into something therapeutically awesome.  Any other comments?  Ideas?  Tips?  Leave them in the comment thread!



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