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Eyes (Flash Fiction: Day 15)

Prompt:  Eyes that can’t see

When I scan the world, the only one I cannot see is She: the one who gives me life, yet hides from view.  In some days, She stands before the mirror, and I watch the reflection that is not her.  She brushes the teeth I have never met with fingers I know well.

I am Eye, the one that sees all but She.  Even through the doors she closes on me during her sleep, I watch her dreams dance before me. She wants more than she lets her mouth tell her ears.  She desires a life beyond the lids that suffocate her vision.  She seeks a purpose that includes more than me.

Although I see her dreams, I cannot see  her thoughts.  Those are closed off to her and only her. I may scan the horizon of her existence, but all I see is what she lets me.  Someday, her dreams will break free of my confines and meet her thoughts in an all-encompassing dance of joy.  Until them, I will remain the Eye fixed to her vision, unable to see Beyond.


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Guest Post!

My second-ever guest post is a book review of Courtney Conant’s The Blood Moon of Winter.  You can read it here, at Emlyn Chand’s website. Feedback, as always, is welcome!

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