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Welcome to Blogdom

In an effort to be a consistently productive human being, I would like to announce to the blogosphere my new resolution: Writing Commitment.

For the approximately four people who read this blog, I’ll expound: you need company.  I’d like this to be a more interactive forum, where writers are able to share their own works, get feedback, etc. Unfortunately, this isn’t likely to happen as long as I’m only posting sporadically and not even making an effort to include anyone else in my writing process.  With this in mind, I’ve developed something resembling a schedule by which I will attempt to blog in order to keep your attention for more than a minute.  Take a look (PS I like alliteration; don’t judge):

Monday Musings:  Flash Fiction

Tuneful Tuesdays: Poetry (get it? Because poems are kind of a musical version of writing? Yes? OK, maybe this one’s a bit of a stretch)

Wednesday Writers: Book Reviews

Thursday Thoughts:  Thoughts and advice on writing, reading, life, whatever crosses my mind.

Friday Favorites:  Links to my favorite posts by fellow bloggers.

Saturday Stories: Short Story day.

Sleepy Sunday: NOTHING! DAY OFF! YAY!

So there you have it: my newest resolution.  We’ll see how long this lasts, especially as real life hits my imaginary worlds, but I want to make sure that there is some sort of structure to my newest pastime.  I’ll start the new schedule up on Monday; hope you’re all ready for it! Please comment if you have any ideas, suggestions, concerns, misgivings, or if you just want to say hey!


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