Emily Rae Robles

the paradoxymoron

The Girl Who Never Slept

Her one wish was to be able to dream.  She didn’t mind the long, dark nights, populated by secret longings and imaginative creativity.  In fact, her mind was at its most colorful when the world darkened around it.  But she still wished she could somehow access the unhindered subconscious she knew lurked somewhere beneath her sanity.

She had dreamed before, weeks before.  She had been climbing a huge mountain with no top in sight, trying to avoid the avalanche of rocks that kept crashing down, when everything went black.  It went black, and the pictures never returned.  Neither did her sleep.  She spent her nights not tossing and turning, but lying perfectly still in the darkness until the sounds of the creaking floorboards integrated into a symphony of sleeplessness.

A lifetime happened in the short span of each night.  Hopes, doubts and fears were born, grew, came to fruition, and fought eternal battles with each other in the wide-awakeness of her mind.  She wrestled with questions she didn’t know she had and considered issues she didn’t know existed.

It was after a week of sleeplessness that she suddenly returned to the dark comfort of slumber. It was then that she realized that she had been able to dream—more so while awake than in the silence of unconsciousness.  She sighed when she woke up the next morning, rested for the first time in weeks but nostalgic for dreaming.


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