Emily Rae Robles

the paradoxymoron

Where I Went (Flash Fiction: Day 3)

Prompt: I Didn’t Go There

In the beginning, I had no sense of where I was.  The world was big in its smallness as I danced lightly through the heavy worries of my parents.  One by one, siblings came, giving me someone to play with, to fight with, to laugh with, to cry with (or make cry, I’ll admit.)  We found happiness in the cracks between my mother’s calloused hands.

In the middle, I had choices.  The world became the size I chose, as did my worries, my fears, my passions, my happiness.  I fretted over homework assignments but laughingly wasted away my parents’ money. I screamed at scary movies but was indifferent to war.  I blushed over Sean Thurman from World History class, but rejected the love of my family.  I pushed away my bubble of comfort to find myself in the world that was expanding every day.  I was young and silly, but storing up experience for future wisdom.

In the end, some of the choices I made became regrets. Some of them became memories.  Some of them floated away on the foam of forgotten years.  It was easy then to say what I could have done.  But I didn’t go there.


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